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About Anita

Anita Earls has worked passionately for 30 years protecting civil rights, fighting for families, and advocating for fair political processes.  Earls founded the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, a North Carolina based civil rights nonprofit that partners with communities of color and economically disadvantaged communities in the South to defend and advance their political, social, and economic rights.  Most recently, Earls is known for her leadership in litigating successful challenges to North Carolina’s “monster voter suppression law" and unfair redistricting plans.

In Their Own Words

Eric H. Holder, Jr.

82nd Attorney General of the United States
“Throughout her life, Anita Earls has been a leader in protecting civil rights and ensuring equal justice under the law. Whether fighting unfair redistricting that undermines our democracy or increasing economic opportunity for the most vulnerable in our communities, she has been a champion for justice and fairness. I’m proud to support Anita and confident she will be an independent justice who will uphold equal protection under the law for all citizens of North Carolina.”
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Jim Hunt

Former Governor
“Anita’s service to North Carolina is undeniable. She has been at the forefront of the fight for fair maps and voting rights in our state, and she has dedicated her life to achieving fairness, equality, and justice. I look forward to supporting Anita as she seeks to represent all North Carolinians from the bench of North Carolina’s Supreme Court.”
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GK Butterfield

"Anita Earls has the intellect and integrity we need on the North Carolina State Supreme Court. She understands the importance of an independent judiciary and will be a justice that will only make decisions based on facts and the law. As a former N.C. State Supreme Court Justice, I know Anita has the character and work ethic to serve with distinction. Anita will make us proud. I call on every North Carolinian to join me in fighting every day to elect Anita Earls to the N.C. State Supreme Court."
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Renee Price

An endorsement for Anita Earls for NC Supreme Court is an endorsement for equality and justice in our judicial system, and I am proud to endorse her. Attorney Earls has the intelligence, professionalism, experience, morality and integrity that, as Justice Earls, will usher forth the long-overdue advancements in our struggle for civil and human rights.
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Ryan Watts

Candidate - US Congress - NC-06
I stand firmly with Anita Earls. Her dedication to addressing critical issues facing our state speaks for itself. Her tenacity and dedication while fighting for fair districting and an end to racial and partisan gerrymandering in this state demonstrate her capability to fairly, and without prejudice, uphold the laws of our state during a critical time. I steadfastly stand beside and behind Anita Earls and I proudly endorse her for North Carolina Supreme Court. Please join me in 2018 to fight for what's right for this state and stand with Anita Earls.
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Martha Shafer

Candidate for NC House District 62
"I’ve watched Anita Earls in the courtroom, and have been impressed by her even temperament and thorough preparation. North Carolina would count itself lucky to have her serve on our Supreme Court."
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Linda Wilkins-Daniels

President, African-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party
“Anita has spent her life fighting for the rights of African-Americans across North Carolina, beating back racial gerrymanders and racist voter ID laws to ensure that every North Carolinian – regardless of color or background – has equal rights and opportunity. I am proud to support her candidacy for the North Carolina Supreme Court and look forward to her continuing to fight for equality and justice across our state.”
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Torrey Dixon

"Nearly ten years ago, when I was fresh out of law school, I was blessed with the opportunity to begin my legal career working as an attorney for the UNC Center for Civil Rights under the direct supervision of Attorney Anita S. Earls. I remember when I handed Ms. Earls my first attempt at an amicus brief-- ready to be filed-- and I also remember when she handed it back within the same day and kindly responded, “It’s a good start.” It was a good start..."
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Mike Woodard

State Senator
"Anita Earls has proven her commitment to the people of North Carolina through her distinguished legal career. She has a keen mind and a deep desire to always do the right thing, qualities we need on our Supreme Court."
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Graig Meyer

State Representative
"Anita is already one of our state's foremost leaders in legal practice. It is a special opportunity to have someone of her qualifications and moral code become a member of North Carolina's Supreme Court."
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Darren Jackson

State Representative
"One of the smartest, most professional people you will ever meet in the practice of law. Will make a great Justice!"
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