Voter Update

Updated September 26, 2018

It is important that North Carolina voters know:

Synopsis: Anita Earls is running for the Supreme Court to ensure an independent court where the rules are the same for every North Carolinian.
Proof Points:

  • Anita Earls grew up at a time when her parent’s mixed marriage (her father is black and her mother is white) was illegal in many states.
  • Twelve years ago, Anita Earls and her family faced tragedy when her brother was lost to criminal violence and no one was ever prosecuted for the crime. That’s why Earls says courts should do everything they can to keep every family safe and give every North Carolinian access to justice for themselves and their families.
  • Living at a time when her parents’ mixed marriage was illegal in many states and knowing how hard it is to lose a loved one and never receive justice, Anita Earls has dedicated her life to fighting for equality, fairness and protecting people’s rights, and founded the Southern Coalition for Social Justice so that North Carolinians have safer, fairer and more just communities.
    Synopsis: While Anita Earls dedicated her career to ensuring equal justice under the law, Barbara Jackson put the interests of her political party and political donors ahead of being fair and impartial.
    Proof Points:

    • Jackson actively campaigned for a Republican Chief Justice who was accused of abusing public funds.
    • When Republican legislators wanted to change the rules to keep the public from seeing their official emails, Jackson ruled in their favor.
    • After Jackson received thousands of dollars from political donors connected to redistricting efforts in North Carolina, Jackson ruled in favor of their gerrymandered redistricting maps that were later found to be unconstitutional.
    • OTHER
      It may also be of particular interest to base Democratic voters that there will be an election this Fall for Supreme Court Justice, and much is at stake in the outcome, as illustrated in the proof points above.

      For more information: (Updated LINK, Sept. 26, 2018)

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