Voters, not lawmakers, should own North Carolina’s courts

“We have three branches of government and need them all, but I’ll admit, even as a devoted voter I’ve walked into the polls without knowing judges on the ballot. If the executive branch is, say, class valedictorian and their surrounding in-crowd, and the legislature is, say, the jocks who keep our attention on play-by-play, well, the courts are the super geeks. We only think to turn to them when we have a homework problem we can’t solve any other way. And then it really matters who is on the bench. At least nine bills have been proposed in the last 18 months by our legislature to change our courts, altering our districts and our elections. It’s dizzying, but this much is clear: The legislature wants power over who gets to the bench. […]”

(Charlotte Observer, 7/18/18)

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