Former Attorney General Eric Holder attends Charlotte event in support of Anita Earls for the North Carolina Supreme Court

October 8, 2018

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Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. attends Charlotte event in support of Anita Earls for the North Carolina Supreme Court

Raleigh, N.C. — Today, Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, attended a meet and greet reception with Charlotte-area leaders, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, and leaders of the African-American community for Anita Earls, candidate for the North Carolina Supreme Court.

The event, held at the Ferguson, Chambers & Sumter law firm in Charlotte, highlighted Anita’s strong ties to the African-American community, her commitment to equal justice under the law for all North Carolinians, and her fight to ensure all North Carolinians have an independent court where the rules are the same for everyone.

“She will be a great Justice for the North Carolina Supreme Court,” AG Holder said. “This is a state that has a lot of problems, a lot of issues that need to be dealt with and I’m confident that if Anita becomes the next Supreme Court Justice in this great state that she will deal with those problems in a way that is appropriate, in a way that is not partisan, in a way that is fair and will not be a person beholden to the special interests, but focus on the needs of the people who she will be elected to serve.”

“While I served at the U.S. Department of Justice with then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, I saw his commitment to principle and I am honored to have his support,” Earls said. “As a former prosecutor, he knows that I will work to guarantee every North Carolinian a fair hearing and that I will apply the law equally to everyone, without fear or favor.”

In particular, Holder highlighted Earls’ past litigation of voting rights cases as an example of how she has fought for justice and worked for people across the state who didn’t always have a voice, regardless of party affiliation.

“North Carolina is ground zero for gerrymandering, on both a partisan basis and on a racial basis,” AG Holder said. “Anita has been successful in bringing cases against partisan gerrymandering, against racial gerrymandering, and is one of the reasons why I think her candidacy is so important.” Anita has represented both Democrats and Republicans in her push to ensure everyone in North Carolina has a voice.

Attorney General Eric Holder has been a strong supporter of Anita since she launched her campaign. In a recent endorsement of Earls’ candidacy, Holder stated that he’s “confident she will serve as an independent justice who will uphold equal protection under the law for all citizens of North Carolina.”

Holder reiterated that Anita will be a fair and independent justice. “She will be fair. She will be independent. She will be tough,” AG Holder said. “I want to emphasize that she will be fair.”

Anita Earls is one of the nation’s leading civil rights attorneys who has dedicated 30 years to defending and advancing political, social and economic rights. As the founder and director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Anita was a lead attorney in North Carolina’s landmark case against unconstitutional racial gerrymandering in legislative districts and led the challenge in the North Carolina Supreme Court to uphold the right to vote in North Carolina’s constitution.


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