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Voters, not lawmakers, should own North Carolina’s courts

“We have three branches of government and need them all, but I’ll admit, even as a devoted voter I’ve walked into the polls without knowing judges on the ballot. If the executive branch is, say, class valedictorian and their surrounding in-crowd, and the legislature is, say, the jocks who keep our attention on play-by-play, well, […]

HEADLINE: N.C. Republicans tried to game elections. Now look at who’s gaming who.

“Chris Anglin is trying to pull a fast one on North Carolina voters. Anglin, a Raleigh attorney, is a candidate for the N.C. Supreme Court. Until June 7, he also was a registered Democrat. But when Anglin filed as a candidate at the last moment this month, he did so as a Republican. That means […]

Editorial: Legislators put fat thumb on N.C. Supreme Court election scale.

“ ‘If at first you cheat to rig an election and succeed; try, try again.’ If that isn’t a saying around North Carolina’s General Assembly, it should be. Back in 2016, a mid-campaign change to laws on the ballot order listing for state Court of Appeals candidates helped elect Phil Berger Jr., son of powerful […]

A Post-Roe Road Map.

“But that’s no reason for progressives to give up the fight, and this year’s midterm elections will offer liberal voters the chance to bolster state-level protections in several additional states. In Michigan, Samuel Bagenstos and Megan Cavanagh are running for the state Supreme Court as proud progressives who could give the court a 4–3 liberal […]

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