Editorial: Legislators put fat thumb on N.C. Supreme Court election scale.

“ ‘If at first you cheat to rig an election and succeed; try, try again.’ If that isn’t a saying around North Carolina’s General Assembly, it should be. Back in 2016, a mid-campaign change to laws on the ballot order listing for state Court of Appeals candidates helped elect Phil Berger Jr., son of powerful state Senate leader Phil Berger. Last month, a new law passed, also in mid-campaign, to help secure victory for their favorite Republican candidate for state Supreme Court Justice. More significantly, the new law puts the Democratic candidate, Anita Earls, at the bottom of the ballot list. Earls has drawn the particular ire of legislative leaders as the key lawyer who challenged, with significant success, bills they’ve passed aimed at making it more difficult for minorities to vote as well as impose racial and partisan gerrymandering. […]”

(WRAL, 7/10/18)

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