How You Can Help

Anita Earls’ grassroots campaign for the North Carolina Supreme Court is people-powered.

Different folks contribute in different ways. Choose the ones that work for you

  • STAY INFORMED: Sign up to receive informative updates from the campaign by email.
  • VOLUNTEER: Join Team Anita as a volunteer. Whether you’d like to help around the campaign office, ring doorbells in your neighborhood to talk with folks about Anita, make phone calls, host an event, or whatever — many hands make light work.
  • DONATE: Please give what you can. A campaign for statewide office is expensive. Anita’s campaign runs on small donations from many thousands of folks like you.
  • SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Been there? Done that? Get the t-shirt! Wearing the official campaign t-shirt shows the world you support Anita, and it’s a great way to strike up conversations about why you care.
  • BE SOCIAL: If you use social media you have many opportunities to help get the message out to your friends, from the comfort and privacy of home.
    • Like Anita on Facebook
    • Follow her on Twitter
    • Use your social media accounts to share with others what Anita’s candidacy means to you, why this election is so important, and to re-tweet and share Anita’s own posts.
  • BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in support of Anita’s run for the state Supreme Court. Talk to your neighbors about your support for Anita and why voting in this election is so important. Recruit a few of your closest friends to join you in volunteering, donating, and showing their support. Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote, and offer someone a ride to the polls during the Early Voting period (Weds. October 17 through Sat. November 3) or on election day (Tues. November 6). Anita strongly recommends that her supporters vote early.
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